Red Point Kazakhstan

Marketing communications and strategic marketing service.

Red Point Kazakhstan is a new format communication agency providing a full range of integrated marketing communications. Since 2016, we have been trusted by more than 50 public and private sector companies including large and small businesses, national and international organizations. We work individually with each of our client: from consultations to large-scale projects. We develop and implement marketing strategies, hold events of any technical complexity providing digital promotion, marketing and PR support.

Assel Kozhakova, DipM MCIM:

The “Marketer” profession is the coolest in the world. I am happy to do what I love, and thankful for having a chance to grow professionally and personally and get to know new people.

Almira Makash

I believe that consciousness, hard work and wisdom are the key to success. My family, relatives and friends are those who especially valuable to me. I am proud to be the first to the “Red Point Kazakhstan” team. I deliver the idea of importance of media in a system of modern mass communication to our clients.

Valeriya Grokholskaya

I love watching European cinematography and photography. The process of taking pictures helps me to see a beauty in simple, ordinary things. I like to capture those moments that I would like to remember. In Red Point Kazakhstan team I like doing small and routing tasks where I understand the whole process, and more complex and creative ones where I enjoy creating something new.

Aliya Beibitkyzy

Our team is a whole range of unique skills and unusual solutions. I was very lucky to join the team of charming girls of Red Point Kazakhstan Company. Perhaps, one of my distinctive features is writing. Writing is a thing that I do day to day for each of my projects! However, I am not limited being only a writer as the management of my projects means constant communication, problem solving and taking actions! Thus, I give myself the opportunity to grow every day.

Aigerim Bekenova

My main secret of successful work is to be interested in this life as well as constant self-development and creativity. Do you know the difference between Mickey Mouse and a harvest gray mouse? It is all about PR. PR is a profession that focuses on communication, and communication touches any field of our lives, any hobby and interaction between people, but mutual understanding is not the goal of PR, the goal is achieving specific aims, strategic orientation and consistency in solving fundamental problems which are the main priority while working with a client.